Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Express Yourself

Natalie (At my vet's office): Animal Clinic, this is Natalie, how can I help you?

Me: Hi, Natalie, it's Casey the Beagle's Dad, Dave. We're having a little problem.

N: Oh hi Dave. What's going on with him? [We're regulars for nail trims, so she knows us well].

Me: Well, he's having an "odor."

N: What kind of odor?

Me: Well, it's coming from his, um, rear. End. [Looks around].

N: Hmm.

Me: But it's not a poop smell.

N: Ah, sounds like he needs to have his anal glands expressed.


Me: That doesn't sound fun.

N: No, it's not very pleseant. They can get impacted and pretty gross.


Me: So I'm hoping this is something I shouldn't do at home.

N: No, we'll do it for you. How about 1:30pm tomorrow?

Me: Sounds good. By the way, is this a serious procedure? Like, how long will it take? How much? [Prays it's not $1,000].

N: Oh, only about 20 minutes. And it's $15.

Me: [Surprised]. Oh, wow. That seems affordable. Maybe I'll get mine done too!

[Pause] [And a tiny snicker].

N: Well, you can decide that after you see Casey get his done. [Both laugh].

Me: OK, fair enough. See ya tomorrow.

I can't WAIT to say "Thanks for "squeezing us in" after he's finished. Anal gland humor is like T-ball!


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