Friday, February 24, 2006

I case you weren't convinced that I am a dork

As many of you may know, I am an ardent Treo 650 user. It is always at my side, literally. Not only is it my phone, text messenger, e-mail, mobile Web, calendar, camera, video camera, etc. like many other phones, I've also added several cool software upgrades that allows me to play movies and TV shows (yes, real movies and real TV shows), music (MP3s, etc), capture video and take many of my office documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDFs, etc) with me on the road. If you'd like to see ALL the cool things the Treo can do, take a look at one of my favorite tech blogs called Treonauts.

The picture above is a bag that I carry in my backpack which has the requisite tools to complete my utter geekdom. Sometimes I even wear it as a hat. But I digress. Today you've got the ultimate treat: a look into my most sacred sac. Eww.

1. This is my Seidio retractable sync and charge USB cable. This lets me charge my Treo (which hardly ever needs it, btw) and do a HotSync with my work calendar, etc. at the same time. It expands to two feet from just 4.5 inches. Mmmm.

2. I have a lot of music, pictures and tv shows on my Treo, and that takes up space. This handy little tool is a portable USB port that allows me to slip in my 1G SD (memory) card and easily (and quickly) move files to/from the computer. These things work for cameras, too. They're handy.

3. So that I don't bother my friends and co-workers with the very loud external speaker on my Treo (which is made more powerful with software called VolumeCare), I have these retractable ear buds with a 2.5mm jack. This lets me listen to music and movies in full stereo sound, and, when the phone rings, I can click a button and talk directly into the built-in microphone. Cool.

4. These are just some extra headphones I have in here with a 3.5mm jack. My laptop takes 3.5mm headphones, and well, you never know when you're gonna need some privacy.

5. This is my D-Link ExtremeG wireless network card. While my personal laptop has built-in wireless, my work laptop doesn't. I like to keep this with me in here just so I don't accidentally leave it at home if I go on a trip. I have a backup at home, too. Ya know, in case you have visitors.

6. This is my super-handy USB extension cord. Rather than stand on my head and look at the back or side of my computer to find a USB port and swap devices in and out, I just leave this thing dangling. I'm a dangler, what can I say?


At 9:53 AM, Blogger KipEsquire said...

Efficiency is never dorky...

At 4:24 PM, Blogger David said...

No, but Dave is. ; )

At 4:25 PM, Blogger David said...

That's what makes him so hot! (Almost forgot to add that last part.)


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