Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Since I've been home from Texas, I've dusted off my old eating/workout plan and have been making excellent progress on removing the 20 pounds of chocolate chip cookies and Coke floats hanging around my waist and ass. I actually thought about documenting the progress, but I didn't want to jinx myself.

The "plan" is a three-parter: Food, Walking and Lifting. In spite of what you might think, the food is the hardest part. The concept is based on the idea that you eat for one reason and one reason only: to fuel your muscles. If you eat the kind of foods to fuel (and grow) these muscles, the less that gets put away into fat storage. Obviously, the more muscle you have, the more the fuel (and what's already in fat storage) gets used. The mantra: Feed your muscles, starve your fat.

This is done with a high protein (200g/day), very low-fat and low-sugar diet. Every day I eat six small meals. While the eating is easy, the preparation is actually the hardest part. I'll be posting pictures of my meals throughout the day today, just in case you're curious about the things that go down my throat. [Sorry guys, these days, it's ONLY food].

Back in 1998-99, I started this plan and went from a 36 waist to a 31 in about 4 months. While my overall weight didn't fluctuate all that much, I shed fat like nobody's business and gained a lot of muscle fast.

I'm really enjoying being back on the plan. I can feel my body significantly morphing already. When I got back from Texas, I was on the first notch of my belt. This morning: the third. If you're interested, I learned how to do it here. More on walking and lifting later...


At 1:26 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

The Abs Diet also works well for eating right -- and they explain it in an easy-to-apply-to-your-actual-life way.


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