Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Random Thoughts #15

--I won't drone on about getting food poisoning, but it sucks. Or, more correctly, blows.

--I was supposed to be in Louisville today for a meeting, but my little stomach thingy kept me grounded. Can you IMAGINE having to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes on an airplane? I'm now doing a conference call--for 4 hours. Ugh.

--I've been through lots of fads, and have even have participated in some. Like: a popped collar (the first time), a skinny tie, flip-flops with jeans, sunglasses at clubs and even had a Michael Jackson jacket from Thriller (seriously). However, I will never, EVER, wear a hat sideways on my head. Never. Not gonna do it.

--Friday night's date with Matt went very well. We had dinner at a place called City Tavern, which I enjoyed very much. Then we decided to head home and watched The Wedding Crashers where I promptly fell asleep. But then I was abruptly awakened by...

--I spent Saturday morning cleaning out the flowerbeds in the front yard to get it ready for Spring planting. There were so many leaves and crap up in the shrubs that it took me almost two hours to get finished. In spite of wearing gloves, I was striken with a giant blister between my thumb and forefinger from using the rake. I was a little surprised I didn't already have a callus there.

--I've been checking my hit counter more than usual lately (I usually don't). Let's just say that I'm glad I'm not in this for the popularity. My average daily hits is only 47. I guess I could try harder to bring in more readers, but honestly, I think that 47 people a day is pretty amazing. I mean, if 47 people a day rang my doorbell, I'd feel pretty popular (but don't get ideas, stalkers). Thanks to everyone who swings by.


At 9:34 AM, Blogger KipEsquire said...

Thanks for making it worth swinging by.

And keep in mind that people like me who use a news aggregator to read blogs will generally not show up as hits, so the stat counter always understates the true readership. :-)

At 3:40 AM, Blogger Sorted Lives said...

anytime... Love the blog, always makes me think, laugh, or makes me go, "hummm"


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