Friday, March 31, 2006

The Video Craze

I'm developing an addiction to YouTube video bloggers (or vloggers for short). The office blocks it at work (which is probably a good thing for my own personal productivity), but I've been spending at least an hour each night watching them. The voyeur in me thinks it's fascinating to see the unique and often hilarious things people add to the internet landscape. Here're just a few things I saw last night that I thought were particularly noteworthy:

--A deaf guy signing his vlog
--A overweight teenager brushing her teeth in her PJs
--An octopus captured on an underwater camera, in slow motion
--A skinny shirtless kid using a hair straightener while he danced to music
--A cartwheel contest
--Approximately 83,273 people lip-synching to music
--Three instructional bicep exercise videos, in Portuguese
--A slide show of hot water polo players set to a Metallica song
--A cute and articulate guy describing how his car was trashed by anti-gay vandals
--Some dork and his Beagle, talking about poop and massages

I'm into this vlogging thing. I'm going to start doing more of it. Stay tuned while I line up a crew. Anyone have hair and makeup skills that wants to hold a camera for me?


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