Friday, April 07, 2006

More crap you don't need (but might want)

Depending on your proclivity towards assuring your infinitude, you may want to consider this exciting new development in the craft of woodworking. I saw this earlier in the week on HGTV's I Want That, a show where inventors and fad-mongers shill spendthrifts like me out of our hard-earned dollars (which isn't all that hard). Some [kinda creepy if you ask me] samples:

And for the photo or video enthusiast so wrapped up in themselves that they wander around aimlessly taking pictures of themselves without someone to hold the camera for them (i.e., ME), two nifty new products: 1) the bottle cap tripod, which screws into your camera and then onto a (hopefully) stable bottle of water:

And then the POD, a squishier but more stable camera and video support:

Cool, huh?


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