Thursday, April 13, 2006

Random Childhood Memories #4

--Age 13. I had a crush on a guy who played French Horn in the band with me. His name was Joe. I thought Joe was just about the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my life. Once, while we were getting dressed in gym class, I walked several locker aisles over to "ask him a question." Really, I just wanted to see him naked. And it worked.

--Age 11. I was on the tennis team and I wore very short white ankle socks (for those of you too young to remember, knee socks with colored bands at the top were very chic at the time). No one but me thought they were cool. They called me gay. Of course, they were right, but it had nothing to do with my socks. Or did it?

--Age 7. I stood in the front yard and watched my 2 year old dog, Toby, get hit by a car. He had a habit of chasing cars, but was pretty adept and steering clear of them. Except that time when one was coming the other way. I cried. It was awful.

--Age 14. I was trying out for the basketball team and I made an awesome open court steal. Instead of practicing fundamental basketball skills and making a regular lay-up, I decided to cross underneath the basket to make a right-handed bank shot off the left side of the glass. I missed. I made the "B" team.

--Age 12. I scored 1,000,000 points in an Intellivison game called "Tron." I took a Polaroid of it to show it to my friend Trevor. I wish I still had that.

--Age 8. My Mom and Dad were having a horrible, horrible fight. My Mom threw me in the car and drove to the end of the street where she burst into tears. She said, "What do you want to do, Dave? Should we divorce him? We won't have nice things anymore, but we'd be happy." Today, they call that "emotional sexual abuse," and can be more devastating to a child than the physical kind.

--Age 9. My parents were on a rare weekend getaway to Las Vegas and my grandmother (Mom's mom) "Neenaw" was watching me. They called from Vegas, had a nice chat with Neenaw, then wanted to say Hi to me. I was, um, on the roof of the house. Neenaw didn't do a whole lot of babysitting after that, and I got a spanking.


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