Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Vaporous Veep

Today at work we had a a company-wide gathering called a "Town Hall Meeting" where our new division vice-president introduced himself and went over our first quarter numbers. Normally, I don't even go to these: 1) because my peers and I are the ones that usually have to break these new guys in before they release them--unsupervised--out to talk with the rest of the staff; and 2) I hate them. But today, I went.

This guy, a physician with a Harvard MBA, is a bit, well, "unkempt." He wears the same dull navy blue suit with loosely tied ties from the 70's. His hair looks like a beaver hat. And, as evidenced by our recent lunch, has the table manners of a gorilla. Because most of us in my group think we're highly well-mannered and cultured (emphasis on the word think), we decided we'd get together and go show him some moral support [in the same way people watch NASCAR for the crashes and ice skating for the falls]. And boy, let me tell you, he delivered the goods.

About half-way through his presentation, on his "Upcoming Goals" slide--MID-SENTENCE--he lets out an incredibly large belch. Seriously. BUUURP. He didn't even say excuse me, he just kept going. And no one even flinched.

I love this place.


At 6:22 PM, Blogger Sorted Lives said...

CLASSY!! I guess the beer was making its exit. I couldn't IMAGINE Mz. Karen doing something like that!! LOL Though I remember a business trip to Dallas where she had our group thrown out of bar.. I will have to remind her when she starts chewing my ass out... Thanks for the amunition!


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