Tuesday, June 20, 2006

And you know what THAT means...

This weekend I was a little bored and found myself looking at the "Yahoo Answers" site where people both ask and answer questions. I like the concept, unfortunately, Yahoo doesn't have much control over all the drivel that comes in or out. It's really quite awful, unless you read them very carefully. If you do, you should be able to appreciate the subtle humor...

Question: "What should happen to a student who brings marijuana brownies to a PTA meeting?"
Answers (verbatim):
He get a free trip to jail.
2. Everyone should throw a couple bucks his way for providing some tasty snacks.
3. Invite him/her back next week, fo' shizzle.
4. Suspension and mandatory counseling (drug and family).
5. They should be permanently expelled from school and sent to jail.

Question: "Why are people so obsessed with making love?"

Two words: No Morals. They get pleasure out of it but dont realize any example, or any bad things that could come out of it.
2. ask that after you have tried it... if you have tried it and still ask then you should come visit me!!!

3. No not me. I like to F***. None of that pansy making love crap. There's no wham bam thank you mam in that. Besides the Big O's are a lot better.

4. It's a question you should answer yourself first before asking.

And my personal favorite: "If I use a tampon, does that mean I'm not a virgin anymore?"
1. honey your still a virgin
no no. first of all to be considered a virgin u must have your hymen intacked. thats a think lining around your vagina. that can only go away if u play extrenous activities like sports, gymnastics, tampons will not take that away. so dont worry your innocence is still there
3. Heavens no. if you read the box of tampons it explains. that no matter if you use a tampon it does not go deep enough to "pop ur cherry".
4. No but it sure hurts like hell the first time you put it in there. But his penis is a lot bigger than a tapon and the first time it hurts again. So I guess if you didn't tear it a little first it would be worse.
5. A women's virginia [we learned in sex ed] conforms to the size of the man who she has sex with the most. So if a guy says I had sex with her but I almost fell in. He is saying, "God do I have a little penis!" If he says, "I could hardly get it in there." Well, then you know what that means.

Go visit them if you're up for a chuckle. Now I'm off to get my virginia intacked.


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