Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Don't Swim Under the Trestle

Another Crazy Dream...

I was on a small inflatable raft with two other guys floating under a railroad trestle when the fat guy stood up and jumped into the water head-first. I was shocked at the fact that the water was even deep enough to sustain not only his length but also his girth. The other guy was apparently my boyfriend. He immediately jumped in after him. When he did, I got on my stomach on the raft and paddled quickly into the deeper water.

Soon I was at my grandmother's house and was feeling terrible for having abandoned my lover and my friend. But yet I also felt a somewhat satisfied that I had pulled off such a hilarious hide-and-seek--even though I was certain it was the wrong thing to do. I started to paddle back to the trestle, but I found myself laying in bed with one of my co-workers that happens to weigh about 350 pounds. We were under the covers watching a wall-mounted TV when she leaned over, kissed my ear and said "Let me just peek under the covers." I could sense that a dog was chewing a bone at the foot of the bed.

I turned my head and noticed that the door was slightly ajar and a note was pinned to it. I jumped out of bed and grabbed it off the door. It was several pages of a letter that had been constructed kidnapper-style with words cut out of magazines and taped to the page. It was a lengthy diatribe of how terrible I was to have abandoned my boyfriend in such a time of need. I felt so awful, I sat down in the chair and cried. Then I asked my co-worker if she had any cookies. She did.


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