Monday, June 12, 2006

Quote of the Weekend/Year?

Tyler: So did you hear about the UMKC student that had a serial killer eat his penis?
Me: Is this a joke?
Tyler: Nooo, it's real. He was a pre-op transexual that couldn't afford the surgery, so he met this guy on the internet that said he'd do it for free.
Me: A doctor?
Tyler: No, girl, it was the serial killer.
Me: But he let him do it anyway...
Tyler: Yeah, and he wakes up covered in blood with noone around and has to be rushed to the ER. Turns out, like 5 months later, the FBI knocked on his door and tells him he was the only surviving victim of this serial killer preying on local gay men. They also told him that he was a cannibal and he probably ate his penis.
Me: [Blank stare].
Tyler: Isn't that horrible?
Me: Well, he did go voluntarily to get his dick cut off by someone that wasn't a doctor.
Tyler: But not to be eaten!!
Me: I think that's irrelevant. He got what he asked for, right?
Tyler: Girl, noone deserves to have their penis eaten.

Truer words have never been spoken.


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