Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Random Thoughts #28

--Throughout the morning today, maybe once every 2 hours, I've been getting sharp, throbbing pains in the back, lower part of my head. This very well could be that aneurysm I've been working on for all these years. If all of a sudden I stop posting, you'll know why.

--Speaking of pains--tomorrow I'm going to bring a hammer to work with me. When my co-worker that sits next to me
leaves her unmuted cell phone/PDA on her desk for me to listen to while she goes to an all-day meeting, I am going to smash that goddamn thing into 10,000 pieces. When she comes back to her desk and screams in shock, I'm going to say nonchalantly, "Hey, your phone was ringing."

--On Saturday, it rained really hard for several hours. I was down in the basement that evening watching a movie and I grabbed a pillow that was leaning up against the wall. It was soaking wet. Curious, I pulled the sofa out a little to see what was going on and the water was practically pouring in through the rock wall. I'm no house detective, but I'm pretty sure that isn't good.

--Lately, I've noticed that lawn moving services have universally moved to super-fast, sit-down lawn mowers. Those things seriously haul ass. As I was driving home last night going about 45mph, I was driving parallel to one mowing the grassy median. He was just about keeping up with me. If I didn't think I'd accidentally drive through the fence or run over the neighbors cat, I'd like to mow my yard with one of those. I bet I could do it in less than 10 minutes (not including hosing off the cat puree).

--There's a park on my way home that has a Frisbee golf course. I've never played, but I think it would be really fun. The course appears to have been very professionally constructed. It has concrete slabs for the tees and a metal pole with a flag and a small basket for the hole. I think I may try to muster up a few pals and go do that soon. I'm almost certain I'd be better at it than real golf. I'm gonna wear my silly hat again when I do.

--There are several gay guys that work here at my company. One is a recent hire that is quite the muscle daddy. We have a big flat-screen monitor at the reception desk that's been showing random shots of employees participating in the KC Corporate Challenge. One was of him at a bench press with four 45 pound weights on each side (that's 405lbs with the bar). Holy cow. Looks like it's time for me to step down from my long standing role as Chief Power Bottom Muscle Stud here at work. Oh well, he clearly earned it.


At 6:21 AM, Anonymous Tony said...

Frisbee golf is a blast. I got play in Chicago years ago, and wish I could find a course in the DC area. Definitely try it.


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