Thursday, July 13, 2006

But It's A School Night!

This afternoon my friend Ryan (formerly of NYC, soon to be a Kansas Citian) is driving up from his home town of Tulsa to visit for the weekend. While I'd like to say he's coming just to see me, he's primarily coming to look for an apartment and to visit his "OTHER" KC friend, "Susie." Whoever SHE is. [Insert cat hissing sound here].

Anywho, I think tonight he wants to go OUT, as in take an unnecessary shower and get dressed up rather than down and go to bar where gay people are having cocktails, smoking cigarettes and trying to get laid. Frankly, that sounds just awful to me. I mean, who goes out on a Thursday night??? I have to WORK in the morning. Not that I'm particularly busy or need a lot of brain cells to perform my job, but it's the principle of the matter. Out on a Thursday night? What kind of riff-raff does that? I'll definitely have to be home by 10:30pm.

Where will we go? What will I wear? Will alcohol make my teeth feel better?
What happens it I lose my aligners while I'm swinging around the pole on the dance floor? Or worse, what if they fall into my Cape Cod while I'm talking with a cute guy, or if I accidentally eat a handful of nuts while they're still in my mouth?

Pray for me.


At 2:39 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Life is so hard for you.


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