Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekend Highlights

--I completed my Motorcycle Safety Course this weekend. I'm so glad I took this class. I learned so much and improved my skills and confidence by 1000%. I wouldn't have been able to take and pass the motorcycle driving test in a million years without this class. If you ride a motorcycle (or scooter) and haven't taken a Motorcycle Safety Foundation class, I can't recommended it more highly. You may not think you need it, but you do. Trust me. As they say: "You don't know what you don't know..."

--Not to be boastful, but out of 20 participants, I was the only person in the class to make a perfect score on the (very challenging) driving test. I got a little prize (a silly rubber toy) and a round of applause from the class. The humble side of me was secretly very proud of how much I had learned in such a short amount of time. The competitor in me was glad I kicked everyone's ass. :)

--Confession: Every minute I wasn't learning to ride a motorcycle or listening to the instructors tell me how to ride a motorcycle, I was watching the ass of the uber-hot Asian wrestler boy. Seriously, you should have seen that thing. Talk about distracting. I ALMOST took a picture of it to show you, but then I thought of how creepy that seemed, so I didn't. But I wanted to.

--I decided not to tell my parents that I got a motorcycle. I just don't want them worrying unnecessarily. Or, well, worrying at all. It was odd talking to them tonight on the phone, though. They were asking about my weekend and I basically had to make stuff up, like "oh, I just piddled around the house, did laundry, played with the dog..." (all of which was true, by the way). It still felt a little sneaky. I hate lying. I'm terrible at it.

--After class this evening I rode 54 miles on my bike. Even in 100+ degree temperatures with full riding gear on, it was a blast. I continue to be amazed at how people react to motorcycles; especially a bright red Ninja. They stare, they wave, they nod. Parents point me out to their kids. Kids on bicycles gave me the thumbs-up sign. One guy rolled his window down
while we were sitting at a light and told me he had an 06 Sportster (a Harley). I just LOVE that.

--This motorcycle (and the motorcyclist culture) is the best thing that's happened to me in a LONG, LONG time. I'm beside myself with excitement. Who knew...


At 11:08 PM, Anonymous David in KC said...

My ex, the lesbian, has been a motorcyclist for years (I gave her her first bike - was I contributing to her tendencies?). She took the safety course also and had only the best things to say about it.

Remember, though, to be careful out there. My ex has been hit by a car at least once, though without serious injury. I want your hot self to be around for years to come.

At 6:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A HOBBY?!?! A HEALTHY hobby?!? A healthy addiction!?! YAY! A new source for TRUE fun and happiness!

Now when the HELL do I get to ride that thing (the bike) ?!?!?



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