Friday, September 29, 2006

Letter from Casey

Deer Daddi,

I wont to cumplane uhbowt tha red hed thatz bin hogin mi syd uf tha bed. I cant slepe lyk this. I no he letz me lic hiz fayse an letz me chu mie bown on tha bed, but this ez reedikulus. Iym tyrd uf getin pusht arownd all tha tym. Wear am I supozed to slepe ef he hogz my spot--AN MI CUVERZ?? An how cum u snugel wif him an not wif mee? I meen, itz not lyk he can chays a B-A-L-L or anithing, an I havent sene him SIT or STAY even wonce. What kynd uf a pet iz that?

Allso, I downt lyk how ur alwayz takin him to tha P-A-R-K an for walkz wifowt me. That IZ whut ur dooin, ryt? How DAAR u treet me lyk this. I meen, he duznt even no how to poop in tha yard. PAHLEEZE. Therz reelli no reezun to treet mi lyk this. I wil plaa secunt fiddel to NOWON. Wel, eksept u, Daddi. Cuz Iym a guud boi.

Newayz, I theenk u shud billd him a nyce litel houz in the bak yard so he haz a worm playze to slepe. This waa u and I can git bak to normul lyf. Pleez let me no ef I nede to help u billd tha houz. We shuud git on that reel soone.

Ri Ruv Ru,


At 8:11 PM, Anonymous outofctrl said...

Poor Casey.

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