Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Demonstrating My Advertising Genius

As I was taking a short lunch break today, I flipped on the TV to see a stolen Kansas City Plumbing Company van (or something like that) leading a 15-car police chase across Kansas and Missouri. It was being covered live on every channel; each had live helicopter coverage for the duration of the chase--just shy of three hours.

So I get to thinking...

Three solid hours of television coverage on three, maybe four channels, complete with flashing red and blue lights, close-ups of your company logo and absolutely no complicity in the crime. The driver drives slow, doesn't crash into anyone, doesn't have a gun or a prior record. Surrenders peacefully with no struggle--he's out in 6 months max. Mysteriously, his closest relative now has a tidy little sum sitting in a Swiss Bank Account.

And there ya have it. The perfect recipe for a hot, new advertising trend: CARJACK MARKETING. Coming soon to a Los Angeles freeway near you. White Ford Bronco not included.


At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Trevor said...

Daddy's little helper had his first smile today because of the genius that is the thought processes of the Dave. Thanks for that. Plus I'm in the computer lab at school and it always baffles the younguns when a grown man gets a text message to the sounds of "ain't no other man". Love you Dave, thanks again.

At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Owner of Kansas City Plumbing Company probably doesn't know Sweden and Switzerland are two different countries, so i don't think your scenario is realistic. Poor guy was probably late on his child support payment, happens alot to people that have kids.


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