Friday, December 15, 2006

Random Thoughts #47

--The arrival of the mystery guest, Timmy, for those not paying attention (which apparently is all of you), was foreshadowed in the second paragraph of Random Thoughts #45. Tim, as he is known by most, is about 90% moved in and is actively avoiding my camera for a PWWO interview. Obviously, he cannot avoid me forever, so stay tuned.

--I'm heading home to Texas on Christmas eve, and staying until the 28th. Even though I waited until the very last minute, I still got a super-cheap fare on a non-stop into San Antonio. Sadly, they were not offering complimentary valium for my stay, so I'll have to rummage through Dad's medicine cabinet immediately upon arrival. Surely he has SOMETHING to ease the nerves. He does live with my mother after all.

--Can someone please tell me when inflatable lawn ornaments came into fashion? At first it was just a house or two over in "that" neighborhood. But now, they're everywhere. I swear I saw one with four real-life little people riding a reindeer merry-go-round. All in a snow-globe blizzard, naturally.

--I finally got my Christmas cards out today. Well, most of them. I was so terribly in love with the cards I bought I just had to hold on to a few of them for one more day. For those of you not quite so fortunate as to make my coveted holiday card-sending extravaganza (or just smart enough not to give me your address), you can see the card on the William Arthur Stationery Web site. My card is the middle one, with cute little secular snowmen. I know, I know. Adorable.

--So now I'm off to purchase the oh-so-personal-yet-curiously-perfect gift for each of my nephews and niece: The Giftcard. Now THAT'S the Christmas spirit! HOHOHO


At 11:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do people wait till last minute to plan Xmas vacation, it happens on Dec 25th each year? How's your dad btw, you were concerned about his health earlier this year?

How's roommate thingy going? Is your dog acting funny with a new person in the house?

At 10:20 PM, Anonymous moi said...

omg i'm in love with the card..!!

At 10:17 AM, Blogger Michael Guy said...

Oh, of course I read RP #145; but I'm a skimmer. So? Nice to have some company around the household? How's this all working out? Love your Christmas card. And a thought: I bet those inflatable lawn ornaments would go up in flames with the right grill-starter matchlight.

At 8:08 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

OMG, there is one of those carousels in the front lawn of a house directly across the street from my subdivision. They have about 5 other inflatable decorations and colored lights (apparently whatever color was on sale) on anything that won't blow away (including the picnic table they have in their gravel-covered driveway).

I die a little inside whenever I look at it.


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