Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ranom Thoughts #48

--Yesterday I reached out to several of my close co-workers to let them know I would soon be leaving. I was surprised and a little hurt that not one of them called me back. I felt like I was a "dead man walkin'" and all the fellow prisoners were turning their backs on me as I walked to the chamber. Then, this morning by 10am all five of them had either called or e-mailed me. Maybe I'm a little more sensitive to this than I thought.

--Tragedy struck today. I hung my helmet on my right handlebar (as I've done a thousand times), and as I was walking by it, I brushed against it and it fell to the ground. Most experts in the field of cranial impact protection suggest that a drop from that height will render the helmet completely useless in any future high-impact crash. Not being one to want to test that theory, I had to suck it up and buy a new one. Talk about a pricey mistake.

--As soon as I make up my mind on the color scheme, Tim and I are going to redo the upstairs study area. There's lots of work to be done: patching drywall, fixing cracks, painting, installing new lighting, etc. All in anticipation of the delivery of my new desk on January 31. Before and after photos to come when we're finished.

--Everyone I've talked to about my job situation has suggested I take a little mini-vacation just to get away from the stress of thinking about looking for a new job. Honestly, it sounds appealing, but my DNA isn't made up for pure downtime. I'm one of those annoying scuba-diving, hang-gliding, scooter-renting vacationers that feels like I'm wasting opportunities for fun if I just sit a read a book in the sun. That feeling, of course, is completely invalidated if there are hot guys out by the pool.


At 8:52 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

Glad to know yours was a welcomed release. I got laid off en masse by a company who over-staffed. After months of telling us they weren't letting anyone go, they herded us all into several conference rooms, and via conference call, fired us.

Fortunately, before the call started, after we were all jam-packed in there, I managed to make the comment "This is when they turn on the gas, right?"

It was met with chuckles and then a look of horror from all the people who didn't see it coming.

Yay Corporate America!

At 9:36 AM, Blogger Michael Guy said...

Yes, I've observed in the workplace how folks distance themselves from the soon-to-exit coworker. Go figure. It's like survival of the fittest or something one observes watching those Animal Planet safari films. The wounded wildebeast is always left to fend for itself as it limps to the watering hole.

But on a positive note: Take some time off! Down time is important to one's mental well-being. Just kick back and think about your next move. And, yes--pool boys always seem to help me 'think' better, too. Why do you think I keep a running tab in Palm Springs, love?


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