Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Went To Harvard Medical School (sort of), Part II

Continued from Part I.

12:03pm - We arrive in the lobby at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center where we have a sandwich and a Diet Coke and meet up with Sales Guy Jeff. I review my presentation with them. They both glaze over and nod. "Sounds great, Dave. You just do your thing and we'll take lots of notes."

12:23pm - We show ID and are escorted to the Ray and Elizabeth Shoal Executive Conference Floor and are whisked into a large conference room. There are about 25 representatives from local hospital and medical groups there to listen to my presentation. I plug my laptop into the Ray and Elizabeth Shoal video cable and project my presentation onto the extra large Ray and Elizabeth Shoal screen. Not surprisingly, I open with a joke about Ray and Elizabeth Shoal.

3:32pm - My presentation ends. It went just fine. You can always tell how well they go by how big Sales Guy Jeff is smiling. Something tells me this sale will result in either a new swimming pool or a fabulous Cabo vacation for him, I couldn't really tell.

3:46pm - Back in the lobby, Jeff, Lori and I talk contracting strategy and potential close date. I glaze over and nod.

4:12pm - Lori and I cab it back to Logan. The cabby takes every back alley and side street in Boston, but I really don't notice because Lori is bitching about how high her quotas are this year and that she's taking a big pay cut. I banter with her with faux-sympathy while eyeballing her Prada shoes and matching Kate Spade bag. Gimme a break.

4:46pm - Check in, give more blood for No Fly List DNA test, perform fellatio on ticket counter supervisor to get me on the 5:30 flight (rather than 7:15).

4:58pm - Security dance. No issues.

5:02pm - My gate, C26, is directly adjacent to the Security Screening Area. I temporarily indulge my foot fetish by watching a gaggle of college boys pass through in their socks and bare feet. I pretend they're Harvard boys, which forces me to button my jacket and walk around a bit.

5:16pm - Sitting comfortably aboard Flight 212 to Milwaukee in a big fat leather Ricaro seat: 4C. Aisle. Flight time today is approximately 2 hours and 6 minutes. For the first time this day, I feel tired. I pop in a pair of earplugs and doze off.

5:39pm - Wheels up.

5:58pm - Transcribe notes from daily activities from Treo notes into this blog post. Make edits. Embellish. Skip parts that are embarrassing (like the hot dog I ate). Proofread.

6:14pm - Dine on Sauteed Chicken Breast simmered in a sauce of shiitake mushrooms, ginger, garlic and sherry with a touch of cream. Served with herb Parmesan orzo and julienne vegetables and a wheat dinner roll. I eat this in approximately 3 minutes. Flight attendant jokes if I want another one. She shouldn't joke about food with me.

7:04 pm (Central Time). Land in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

7:06pm - See that Flight 9 to Kansas City is delayed until 7:35pm. Which, oddly still isn't much of a lay-over. Luckily, the Milwaukee airport only has about 10 gates, so I walk about 10 feet ahead and I'm at my connecting gate.

7:10pm - Follow nose to food. Fight the [very strong] urge to have a Cinnabon.

7:11pm - Have a low-fat yogurt swirl instead. Curse every bite that it's not a Cinnabon.

7:20pm - Repeat boarding procedure. Seat 5C.

7:23pm - Sprint Employee Girl next to me makes chit chat. "Are you from Kansas City."
"Do you like your Treo 650?" "Why do you have Verizon?" "So what do you do?" "I think I have a friend that works there." Ugh.

7:24pm - I carefully remove my contraband fingernail clippers from my bag and make threatening poking gestures with the hidden metal nail file
at chatty seat-mate. I tell her that if she doesn't shut up I will be forced to break the skin, and that there's a really good likelihood that she'll get a nasty infection. She eventually gets the hint without any unnecessary violence.

7:39pm - Wheels up.

8:00pm - Laptop comes out. Writing ensues. I clean up my cluttered desktop (a cute picture of Casey Bear).

8:03pm - Ogle cute hairy-armed guy with shoes off reading the Financial Times. Sexy.

8:10pm - Reread this post. Wonder if it's excessively long. Decide that I don't care based on the fact that if I had to DO it, you could take 5 minutes to read about it. Besides, it's been a while since we've spent the day together like this. I'm rather enjoying it.

9:04pm - Land in Kansas City.

9:06pm - Call Doug to see when/if he checked on Casey. He was actually on his way home after work. I convince him to drop by and have a cocktail with me. He agrees.

9:14pm - In car. Drive home.

9:16pm - Call parents. Chit chat about my day and how they're feeling (Dad's got a fever, Mom is well).

9:43pm - Stop at QuickTrip for gas. $49.72.

9:56pm - Drop bag and coat onto kitchen table. Hug/greet Doug. Pet/greet Casey. Pour an extra large shot of tequila into a glass of orange juice. Top with Grenadine. Sit on patio and sip while chatting.

10:34pm - Lights out.

10:35pm - Sound asleep.


At 5:33 PM, Anonymous David in KC said...

After reading about your trip, I'm once again reminded of why I love retirement so much! But then again, you're young and strong and can take the punishment. At lunch on Friday, a former City Hall colleague spoke of attending a "good meeting." I informed him that "good meeting" is an oxymoron.

Speaking of Air Midwest, I'm flying it to NYC in about a month - to sing in Carnegie Hall. Looking forward to the flight. The weekend I'm there also happens to be Pride Weekend. Hope to see, if not participate in, some good, old-fashioned debauchery.


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