Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Random Thoughts # 31

--I've been feverishly writing all morning, but this time for work. Sadly, I was forced to use one of my least favorite corporate words to describe a task I'm working on: I was "vetting" a product concept. It sounds official, but really it means that I am just disproving a stupid-ass idea that was hatched like a foot-long turd by a member of the executive team. Probably while golfing. "I know! We can sell water to the ocean! Woo-Hoo am I smart or WHAT?? Dave--get on that, stat!" Kill. Me.

--Later in the year I will be reprimanded as being a barrier to outside-the-box thinking. This will earn me another EE, no doubt.

--People that double-blink aggressively while they're talking to me really make me nervous. Last time I checked, it's not necessary for your forehead and cheeks to touch in order for your eyes to close. Admit it, you just tried it didn't you?

--I got a sandwich and a drink from Arby's today (OK, fine, I had some curly fries, too) and on the side of the drink cup, I saw that Dr. Pepper is having a contest to give away 23 Hummers. "Internet Access and E-mail Required," said the label. Curious, I pulled the "Pull to Win" sticker off the cup where I was instructed to proceed to drpepper.com where I could enter my codes to see if I won. When I got back to the office (moments ago), I did just that. However, I bailed on the process because I was required to enter my name, home address, birth date, e-mail, gender, race, home and cell phone numbers, and even what Dr. Pepper brand soda I preferred before I was even able to enter the code (which I didn't do). What kind of a dumbass created that contest? And worse, who the hell wants a friggin Hummer as a prize? The truck, I mean.

--A while back, if you recall, I had a little crush on an Asian guy here at work. Eh, it really wasn't so much a crush as it was that I needed someone to stalk and he just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Anywho, I saw him at Arby's reading a very thick book and sitting in a posture that looked a lot like praying (eyes closed, hands folded). I had no idea that Arby's was such a holy place. Now ya know...

--I apologize for not having posted any Peek Pics lately. My camera has been "occupied" by anonymous apartment-hunting houseguests for both business and pleasure purposes. But now he's gone and I have it in my hot little hand. Pictures shall commence forthrightly. Mine, not his. Perverts.


At 2:03 PM, Blogger KipEsquire said...

First we saw the decline and fall of supermarket coupons.

Then we saw the decline and fall of mail-in rebates.

Stupidities like this drpepper.com thing are no doubt an endangered species.

See also, "registering for online newspaper access."

At 7:48 PM, Blogger MiKell said...

Thank goodness you specified that "it" was a truck, because I was getting worried for a minute.

Well, sort of.


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