Friday, July 27, 2007

I think it may be time

I meet SO many of these criteria. After 716 posts, this will be my last. At least for now...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who's the Predator?

I had the misfortune of watching Dateline NBC's "To Catch a Predator" last night. Now, I understand the importance of deterring adults from having sex with children; I wouldn't in a million years condone that behavior. But this Dateline show is completely over the top.

I'd like to see the statistics for how often 13-year old girls invite 55-year old men to their empty house for sexual exploration. I mean, really. Does this actually happen in real life? I'm clearly not an expert on this topic, but it seems as though most child molestation cases involve UNWILLING victims. I appreciate that by definition, "prey" implies someone that is defenseless against an attacker, but I don't believe that defenseless prey actually encourage their predators. Case in point: The bunnies in my back yard NEVER invite Casey under the shed for an exploratory romp. Ever.

And by the way--I hope NBC is funding all of the police overtime for this crap. Does it REALLY take 10 armed policemen in SWAT outfits and sophisticated surveillance equipment to apprehend an overweight, middle-aged computer technician with a hard-on? Do they REALLY need to throw them to the ground as they're bursting into tears? I concede that these guys are idiots, and they shouldn't have been doing what they were doing, but the unnecessary drama is completely distasteful.

In my opinion, the REAL predators are NBC and the advertisers that profit from overly-dramatized, completely contrived tales of illicit sex with post-pubescent teens and mix it with the public's fascination with watching embarrassing and uncomfortable situations. THAT is the ultimate entrapment.

Shame on the men that accepted an invitation for sex from a slutty little teenager. But most of all, shame on you, NBC. You make me want to puke.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cheerleaders in KC aren't so smart (or cute)

Someone needs to tell this poor thing that the KC Royals baseball stadium doesn't, umm, HAVE a roof.

Peek Pic 185

A Saturday night date with Matt. We won!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Think I Like Baseball

I get "Spin" magazine thanks to a pathetically cute 10-year-old girl selling door-to-door. I don't usually read it, rather, I tend to leaf through the ads and look at the grungy cute boys in emo bands. But today, I came across an ad that really caught my eye--an advertisement for "The Bigs," a video game from 2K Sports ("Where pastime meets prime time with epic arcade baseball action!"). Here's the full-page ad:

I'm fairly certain that "The Bigs" isn't targeted directly at my demographic group, but this ad made me do a double-take. Take a look at a close-up of the animated version of Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals:

This image was placed directly under the caption "Bust out the big lumber," which apparently Albert is about to do. When I showed this to Tim (a graphic designer), he said "And let me tell you, girl, enhancing your package digitally is HARD--they did that shit on purpose." [Note: I'm guessing Tim only read about that somewhere, as opposed to trying it on his own package for his photos.].

Well, that's really it. I just wanted to share. I'm gonna go bust out the big lumber now...